PDR tools play a most important role in your success and profitability. Tools must be designed thin or flexible to access tight areas and yet be strong enough to perform the repair. Even though most technicians probably own over 80 tools, they only carry about 20 in their main tool case and only use about 10 on any given day. A good functional tool set for a new technician will only need to consist of 20 to 25 tools maximum and should contain rigid, bendable and flexible tools.

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Proper lighting and reflection systems play a crucial role in repairing dents correctly as well. There are many styles currently available on the market. Some work well, others produce poor results. There are large lights and small portable lights. Each has their pros and cons. Most technicians prefer a small light for every day use. It is compact, flexible, and quick to set up and use. Large light fixtures are good for extensive hail repair and larger dents. Purchase a reflection board for outdoor work and it will greatly increase your productivity and profitability. Shop around for accessories as different companies have unique inventions and gadgets that will work well.

There are many tool companies currently advertising their products on the Internet. The problem with most companies is they only contain a few useful tools in their whole set. Some sets contain over a hundred tools, and this is usually unnecessary. The tool companies below all sell high quality products with warrantees and they will not sell you unnecessary items. These companies are listed based on their quality of service, solid reputation, functional tools, and ethics in business. Please feel free to email us if you have any specific questions or need further advice.