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Almost every car, truck or van on the road today has at least one door ding or minor dent that, while a nuisance, used to be too expensive to repair. Now that PDR is becoming part of everyday life, small dents and door dings are actually so affordable to have removed, there is no longer a reason to allow them to detract from the value of your vehicle. Having a ding free vehicle is important to the overall appearance, and it is even more important if you are trying to sell or trade your vehicle. If you are leasing your vehicle, you will have to pay hundreds of dollars to have the dents fixed at the dealership once your lease is up.

Thanks to the Dent Network, you now have a money saving friend in the business. We believe that you can save hundreds of dollars using PDR instead of conventional body shop methods of filling and painting the dents. In fact by using a Dent Network service provider, you can maintain your vehicles value, rather than lose hundreds of dollars in re-sale value, by having it painted. If you are serious about maintaining the appearance of your vehicle, take advantage of one of the following companies.

We do not necessarily endorse any of these companies, but have compiled a database for customers to use.

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