The following technicians are listed here as a tribute to the technical quality of their work or their outstanding contributions to this industry. Technicians listed have multiple verifiable references as to the quality of their PDR repairs. This is not intended to be a complete list but technicians with work personally observed by The Dent Network.

Matt Mc Nally
Olympic Champ
Greg Holt
2002 Olympic Champ
Marc Hunt
Jeremy Taylor
Chad Brockhoff
Mike Smith
Jan Golebiowski
Scott Blind
Brad Hodgson
Daniel Gromm
Sal Giuliano
Lee Allison
Freddie Garcia
Dave Kalapaca
James Sheltens
Bob Gjika
Jim Perotte
Rufus Lowery
Dan Chaves
Shane Hanson
Charles Vice
Tom Price
Bret Gilbert
Todd Dryer
Caesar Corrales
Marc Etter
Natalio Balderama
Ken Miller
John Argo
Darin St. Ivany
Chris Firth
Ray Harmon
Keith Hebert
Tom Hennenfent
Joshua Hair
Shawn Dice
Bob Sloneker
Jim Lamoreaux
Joe Pier
James Calhoun
Joel Valois
Billy Clark
Gene Watts
Justin Miller
Mark Pace
Jason Cook
Terry Siegle
Donny Pease
Tim Welte
Alex Rodriguez
Dan Allen
Darnell Burch
Steve Hopf
Bob Mills
Eric Van Vorst
Bill Hulett
Doug Jenkins
Jamie Hawkins
Steve Wiley
Nick Hawkins
Todd Chicoine
Travis Cook
Randall Jenkins