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Catastrophe Sites

There were more than 7,000 severe hail storms in 2012, creating costly repairs on vehicles. Spring & Summer time is the season for storms, and many times this means hail. The PDR process costs much less than conventional body shop methods of repair because there are no parts to replace or painting to be done. With the advantage of keeping the original factory paint, you will maintain the value of your vehicle, and the repairs can be done with less down time for your vehicle.

Our Team

Tom Price
~ Master Technician
Tom Price has been involved in all aspects of PDR since his entrance into our industry in 1992. Tom was hand trained by Natalio Balderrama, the first PDR tech in the U.S.  Tom has won numerous industry awards and accolades with emphasis on quality repairs and professionalism. He resides in Boulder, Colorado with his wife.

- Luke Price
Luke Price has 9 years of PDR experience including 5 as an accomplished technician.
He has placed 3rd in the world on 3  separate occasions in the International Dent Olympics competition. Luke is an avid sports enthusiast and coaches basketball.

- Chad Reisbi
Chad Reisbig has been involved in the auto body profession since 1990 including the last 20 years as a PDR technician.
Chad's additional skills include custom painting and mobile bumper repair.

- Seth Price

Seth Price is Tom's youngest son and has been involved in the PDR trade for 3 years. He is becoming an excellent technician and is being mentored by Chad Reisbig.
Seth loves exotic cars and playing X-Box with his peers.

- Lisa Price

Lisa Price is the matron saint of the family, She does all the accounting and tax preparations.
She provides home cooked meals for the Dent Network technicians and it's customers. She enjoys her 2 Boxers, Rock and Remington, who travel along with the crew.